poor aro...

First he was driven off his island, now he has to deal with a dead body and a strange voice in his head - Aro seems to be having more than just a bad day.

Venture to the mystical island of Ura and guide him through impactful moral choices, help the enigmatic locals, and discover your own truth as you save the world - or not. It's all up to you!

In this fantastical adventure, your decisions will pave the way - what kind of story will you experience together?

The clock is ticking...

A narrative adventure with a strong focus on storytelling and beautiful art

  • A powerful, personal and nuanced story that aims to stay with the player after the credits have rolled
  • Experience a world shattered into pieces with flying, fragmented islands - everything artfully hand drawn!
  • An innovative dialog system that creates an unprecedented immersive experience
  • Decide whether or not to mess around in the lives of the characters you encounter
  • Encounter a civilization of different cultures, with different social systems and political beliefs
  • Uncover the rich and mysterious history behind CLOCKWORLD
  • Perfect for first-time gamers looking for a suspenseful adventure
  • Starring: Seumas F. Sargent (“Conrad Greer” in Spy City, “Doug” from Tom of Finland), Lin Gothoni (“Alex Chen” (German) from Life is Strange: True Colors , “Rinko Kitano” in Steep, Jing XialianAppare-Ranman!) and Cyrus Nemati (“Ares”, “Dionysus”, “Theseus” from Hades, “Almer”, “Barker”, “Volfred” from Pyre)!

We're bringing fantastic worlds to life and guide you through unique stories.